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What's New
Come back to this page on a regular basis to see the newest additions to our web site. We are constantly adding new items to our line-up. You won't find better billiard accessories for less anywhere... and's customer service is second to none!
January 16th, 2014
Predator has just come out with a new set of beautifully designed cues: The THRONE series. Now in stock!
November 28th, 2013
It's been a while since we've updated this page! That doesn't mean that we've stopped adding great products to our pages.

Check out these new additions today:

  • Katana Performance Shafts
  • OB1 and OB2 Performance Shafts
  • Predator Limited Edition Black Tie P3 Cues
  • Predator Air2 Jump Cue
  • Predator BK3 Break Cue with Sport Wrap
  • May 20th, 2011
    Brand new to today: a product review/rating system. We invite all visitors to rate and write reviews about the products we carry. This information will help other pool players decide which products to get, as well as help us decide which items we should keep selling. Your feedback is much appreciated!
    April 13th 2011
    I guess we're too busy adding products and taking care of our customers to update this page!! Believe me, we've added lots of new products since February 2010... including a great selection of new pool table lights added today.
    February 9th 2010
    We've added a few new cues to our already impressive line-up:

    New Poison Strychnine cues
    New Poison VX jump and jump/break cues
    New Poison Cyanide cues
    New Predator BLAK-2 cues

    Coming in the near future: More pool table lights and accessories!

    December 3rd 2009
    I guess we kinda forgot to keep updating this page!!

    Products are continually added to the web site. Here are a few examples of our new offerings:
    Cuetec R360 cues
    Harley-Davidson cues
    New Lucasi Hybrid cues
    Stealth cues
    Voodoo cues
    New 3D-2 cues
    New Action Hard Case Designs

    This is just a sample of the new products added to our web site... stay tuned for more!

    March 5th 2008 is proud to introduce Poison Cues. These great new cues from the Predator group offer unbeatable performance for the price.
    February 11th 2008
    New products added recently:
    - Arsenal cues
    - Adam Advanced cues
    November 23rd 2007
    New products added recently:
    - Lucasi P and Lady Series Cues
    - Star cues by McDermott
    - Players Flirt Cues
    - Players Kandy Cues
    - Universal SmartShaft cues and replacement shafts
    - McFarland Cues
    - Riley Snooker Cues

    Our shopping cart system has been completely overhauled. It will now remember products added in the cart, even if you don't purchase them right away. Come back later to complete your order and you won't have to look them up again.

    September 17th 2007
    Check out our selection of US Collegiate Billiard Ball Sets: CLICK HERE

    We've also added NBA stained glass billiard lights: CLICK HERE

    August 24th 2007
    The Predator BLAK series is now in stock - four great new cues from Predator. Check them out here: Predator BLAK Series.
    August 13th 2007
    Our web site has been completely re-vamped once again. We've made it easier to browse through our extensive selection of billiard products. We'd appreciate your feedback on the changes we've made, so please send us an email with your comments.

    You can now pre-order the Predator Limited Edition Willie Hoppe cue and case. More new products will be added in the coming weeks, so come back often.

    May 7th 2007
    We have added over 30 new models of pool table lights... now features the biggest selection of tiffany billiard lights available on the Internet.
    January 10th 2007
    Over the last month, we've added the following product lines:
    - 3D Pool Cues
    - Adam Pool Cues
    - Adrenaline Pool Cues
    - Blizzard Pool Cues
    - HRUSA Pool Cues
    - McDermott Intimidator i-Series Shafts
    - NCAA Collegiate Pool Cues
    - Players Pool Cues

    We now also offer free shipping in the continental USA for orders of cues, cases and smaller accessories over $50. The flat fee shipping rate for pool table lights has been lowered to only $19.

    We will be continuing our minor re-design over the next few weeks - look for new cues, cases and accessories to be added before February.

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