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OF THE PREDATOR 314-3 and Z-3.

When you use side English, your cue ball squirts or deflects off line. How much it deflects varies with how hard you hit the shot, how much English you use, your stroke, even humidity can affect cue ball deflection. Cue ball deflection is a variable. The Predator technology reduces that variable by up to 45% - You will be more accurate, guaranteed.

Predator cues produce up to 20% more spin. This increased power makes it much easier to move the cue ball around the table. You simply don't have to stroke as hard to draw and follow the cue ball. Your game will be more powerful - guaranteed.

"Feel" is a combination of concussion and vibration. The concussion is the impact travelling down through your cue to your hand. This impact is normally overwhelmed by the shaft vibrating. The purer transfer of energy in Predator shafts produces less vibration and leaves the player with a very solid, positive feel.

One piece shafts can be stiffer in one direction than another. This causes the cue to provide varying degrees of deflection and spin. The Predator 314-3 and Z-3 ten piece shafts are radially spliced to give you a 360 degree consistency, eliminating the margin of error inherent in one piece shafts.

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